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Board Focus Spring 2019
Community College League of California

by Pam Haynes, March 20, 2019

Our colleges are in the midst of unprecedented change. It is change that if done well, will fundamentally transform the academic lives of many of our students. As trustees, our role is to provide oversight and direction, and to ensure accountability and transparency. And it’s important to remember that the implementation of AB 705 must be a collaborative process. As AB 705 is implemented on our college campuses, our oversight role will be critical to whether or not it is successful. There is no question that faculty, administrators and staff are at the center of this change but more importantly so are our students. While we all have a stake in the success of our students it is their futures that are truly at stake.


  • Black Women Organized for Political Caucus – Sacramento
  • Cassandra Jennings, CEO Sacramento Urban League
  • Councilmember Eric Guerra
  • Councilmember Rick Jennings
  • Deborah Ortiz, Trustee, Los Rios Community College District Board
  • Democratic Party of Sacramento County
  • Fem Dems
  • Harry S. Truman Club
  • Jessie Ryan, Sacramento Unified School District Board
  • Laborers' Union, Local 185
  • Latino Democratic Club
  • National Women's Political Action - Sacramento
  • Sacramento Environmental Democratic Club
  • Sacramento Labor Council
  • Sacramento - Sierra Construction & Building Trades Council
  • Tami Nelson, Trustee, Los Rios Community College District Board